Excursion destinations in the immediate vicinity


There are various routes to the excursion restaurant, one of which is the fairytale trail, which starts in Hasserode in the Nesseltal valley.


Wildlife park with native animals, petting zoo and a playground.

With snack bar and excursion restaurant​


To the Linde farm with a small petting zoo and a stop at Biggi’s Jodlerstübchen.

Himmelspforte (Heaven’s Gate)

Through the Himmelspforte to Darlingerode, Drübeck (stop off at Drübeck Monastery) or to Ilsenburg.

Steinerne Renne

An interesting hike for young and old adventurers along the watercourse of the Renne. A snack is possible there.


Above the castle to the Voigtstieg – with beautiful views of the city.

Ilse valley

You can take longer and shorter tours (to the Plessenburg forest inn) along the wild and romantic Ilse. Plan a stop at the Nagelschmiede restaurant as a highlight!

Feuerland im Blankenburger Heers

An easier hike below the Regenstein to the sandstone caves. You can enjoy a wonderful view from the Regenstein restaurant.

Michaelstein Monastery near Blankenburg

Here you can visit the monastery and its gardens, see the fish farm and stop for a bite to eat with the monastery fisherman.

Devil’s wall near Blankenburg

Fascinating rock formations and a beautiful view of the surrounding villages and countryside

Klusberge near Halberstadt

You can walk up to the castle and visit the animal enclosure.

Excursion destinations - Sandsteinhöhlen in den Klusfelsen

This is just a brief outline. There are many more excursion destinations to discover – it’s well worth a visit.